Churches That Help With Eviction

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How do the churches help with eviction? As a single mom with a young daughter, I was working multiple jobs to support myself and her. Even though I made my best efforts, we faced the prospect of being evicted from our small apartment. It was with a heavy heart that I stepped through the wooden doors of the church, unsure of what to expect. Upon entering, I was welcomed by a Pastor who listened attentively as I described my situation in tears. As a result of the church’s efforts, I obtained temporary financial assistance to cover my overdue rent and utility bills.

Throughout this article, I will describe how I found a church for assistance and how the church helped and supported me. The purpose of this article is to share my experience with others who may find themselves in similar circumstances.

List of Churches That Help with Eviction

After searching for local churches that help with eviction, I became curious about potential church names that might be able to help me. I compiled a list of churches offering eviction assistance after conducting extensive research. The list is as follows:

Catholic Charities

Families and individuals facing eviction can seek assistance from Catholic Charities. In addition to financial assistance, these services may also include counseling and case management to address underlying issues contributing to housing instability, and referrals to other community resources when needed.  You can find out about Catholic Charities USA here:

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul can offer financial assistance to help pay rent, negotiate with landlords to prevent eviction and refer clients to other community resources for additional assistance. Often, they collaborate with other agencies and organizations to address the root causes of housing instability. You can find out more about their services at  or you can give them a call at (239) 775-2907 if you need help.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army financial aid may be available to help individuals or families pay for rent, utilities, and other housing expenses. Financial assistance can prevent eviction by addressing immediate needs. Several programs are available, including rental assistance, landlord mediation, and legal aid.

Get instant assistance from the Salvation Army by visiting

United Methodist churches

In some United Methodist churches, funds are set aside to provide financial assistance to those who are at risk of eviction. The assistance may be used to pay rent or cover other housing-related costs to prevent eviction. Some congregations may advocate for legislative initiatives to prevent evictions and raise awareness. For more information, you can visit the UMC website at “

Visiting a local church

There are churches in every town, county, and city across the country, and most are dedicated to aiding the vulnerable. The importance of supporting local churches cannot be underestimated, even if they are lesser-known. Visiting local churches can assist, since they will likely support those in need.

Love INC

The Love INC possesses partnerships with local housing-related organizations and agencies. Housing assistance includes help with rent, utility bills, and other housing-related expenses. Coordinate multiple sources of assistance to address the root causes of evictions and provide holistic support. Visit  to find a Love Inc. location near you.

Lutheran Social Services

The Lutheran Social Services (LSS) provides shelter assistance to people who are homeless. The aid includes housing, food, clothing, and a safe living place. Additionally, LSS offers supportive services to help individuals regain stability. A few of these services are job training, assistance in finding housing, and mental health counseling. Check out  for more information.

Episcopal Community Services (ECS)

Episcopal Community Services (ECS) offers shelters, transitional housing, and permanent supportive housing for those experiencing homelessness. In addition to housing options, ECS offers a variety of other services to assist the homeless. These services include job training, case management, and mental health care. As a comprehensive support network, ECS helps homeless individuals achieve self-sufficiency and stability. To learn more about the Episcopal Church, go to

Ways to Get Churches That Help With Eviction

When I needed help urgently, I turned to my local churches for help with eviction, though finding them wasn’t easy. To find churches that provide eviction support, I used the following methods:

  • Church Websites or Hotlines: You can find information about assistance programs at churches in your area by visiting their websites. Additionally, some churches may offer hotline numbers or contact forms specifically for eviction assistance.
  • Visit or Call Churches: Visit local churches or call their offices during business hours. Find out if your church assists with evictions by speaking with staff or volunteers.
  • It’s word-of-mouth: Identify churches that offer eviction assistance by asking friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers. You can find reliable support sources through personal recommendations.
  • Search on Google: Find eviction assistance churches in your area by using the most trusted search engine, Google. You can use search terms like church eviction help to find local churches near you.
  • Social media platforms: You can also use social media platforms to find churches that offer eviction assistance. Join local community groups or neighborhood pages on Facebook and post a request for information about churches that provide eviction assistance. Make sure you follow community guidelines and respectfully use social media.

Types of Support From Church That Help With Eviction

Individuals facing eviction may be able to get help from churches in a variety of ways. Churches provide the following types of assistance:

  • Financial assistance programs: A church may provide direct financial assistance to assist individuals or families with rent arrears, security deposits, or other housing expenses. An individual may receive this assistance as a one-time grant or case-by-case.
  • Assistance with utility bills: As well as direct financial support, churches can also refer people to resources like utility assistance programs and energy assistance programs provided by government agencies.
  • Motel vouchers: Some churches offer temporary shelter assistance or motel vouchers to homeless families or individuals. As a temporary solution, this can be useful while looking for more permanent housing options.
  • Emergency housing: Some churches provide emergency shelter or temporary housing options for evicted individuals at immediate risk of homelessness. Some options include church-owned properties, temporary housing arrangements with church members, or connections to local shelters.
  • Housing Counseling: Many churches offer counseling services to help tenants understand their rights as tenants, find alternative housing, or negotiate with landlords.
  • Community outreach and advocacy: A few churches are actively advocating against housing insecurity and eviction. Community organizing, advocacy, or public awareness campaigns may be part of their work.

How Can I Get Help From the Churches With Eviction

You can get help and assistance from churches with eviction by contacting your local churches and asking about their assistance programs. You can take the following steps:

  • Directly contact churches: Identify potential churches and contact them directly. Call them, send an email, or visit them during office hours. Ask if any eviction prevention programs or resources are available and explain your situation respectfully.
  • Transparency and honesty: When you contact the church, be honest about your situation and the reasons for your eviction. By describing your financial struggles and any other challenges you’re facing, you can help them better understand your needs.
  • Providing the necessary information: You have to provide information about your situation, including the reason for your eviction, your financial circumstances, and any documentation you may need.
  • Follow-up: If you are waiting to receive a response right away, feel encouraged. After a reasonable amount of time, inquire about any updates or additional assistance available from the church. Whenever you seek assistance from an organization, communication and persistence are essential.


Does the church offer temporary help?

Yes, several churches offer temporary assistance to families or individuals facing eviction. Depending on each church’s resources and policies, this assistance can vary greatly. Temporary assistance may only solve the short-term problem of eviction, not its underlying causes.

What if I fail to find local churches to help me with eviction?

Eviction deterrence may be possible through other community organizations or government programs if you cannot find assistance from local churches. Additionally, you can get support and resources from local agencies, non-profits, or shelters.

Is there any government program that helps with evictions along with churches?

Yes, government programs are available at the state, local, and federal levels to assist those facing eviction. Several programs are available, including rental assistance, eviction prevention, and housing subsidies. A church may partner with a government agency or participate in a government-funded program.

Who is eligible for the help of eviction?

Eviction assistance eligibility criteria can vary depending on the program or organization. Generally, income level, household size, eviction status, and residency status determine eligibility. The time since the eviction notice was served may also be considered when determining eviction assistance eligibility.

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