Churches That Help With Funeral Expenses

Discover churches that help with funeral expenses. Our guide offers compassionate support options and financial advice to ease your burden during difficult times.

A close friend of mine lost his father in an unexpected accident, leaving his family overwhelmed with grief and costing a great deal to make the funeral happen. Several community organizations tried to assist my friend, but only a local church was able to provide hope for him.

He explained his situation to the pastor, who listened with compassion and assured him that the church would do whatever it could to help. As soon as possible, the church coordinator scheduled a meeting with a funeral home that frequently collaborated with the church. My friend received a substantial discount on the services and was able to purchase an affordable casket and other necessities from them.

In addition to financial assistance, church members provided other forms of support. They organized a beautiful memorial service and prepared meals for his family before the funeral. During this difficult time, their kindness and generosity provided much-needed comfort.

My purpose in sharing this story is to let people know that churches can provide valuable assistance during challenging times, such as funeral expenses.

List of Churches That Help with Funeral Expenses

If you are looking for church-based funeral expense assistance, several churches can help. Some examples are as follows:

1. The Jewish Federations

The Jewish Federations of North America often offer financial assistance for burial plots and Jewish interments. If you require such assistance, contacting them may be a valuable first step to finding what you need. More information is available at

2. Episcopal Church

Several Episcopal churches have funds or endowments to assist members of the community with unexpected expenses, including funerals. You can speak with your local Episcopal church or diocese for more information. Episcopal Church provides information on its website,

3. Grace Community Church

Grace Community Church’s commitment to supporting its members during a loss is admirable. With a dedicated fund for funeral expenses, they demonstrate their commitment to providing comfort and practical support to needy families. More information is available at

4. First Baptist Church

You should contact First Baptist Church directly for assistance with funeral or cremation costs if you need financial assistance. Because of such matters, churches like First Baptist typically have established procedures. For eligibility assessments, they may require certain documents, such as proof of financial need and documentation about the deceased, in addition to specific application forms. For more information, visit

5. Catholic charities

Often, Catholic charities provide direct financial assistance to families in need to cover funeral expenses. Catholic Charities teams up with local citizens, social workers, mortuary directors, and cemetery directors to ensure that indigent families receive the funeral and burial services they need. Learn more about Catholic Charities USA at

6. St. John’s Episcopal Church

During times of bereavement, St. John’s Episcopal Church provides compassionate support and assistance to its congregation members who are experiencing financial hardship. If you are a member of St. John’s congregation, you can contact the church’s leadership or pastoral care team for funeral arrangements assistance. You can find the church’s website at

7. Before Their Time

Those who have lost a loved one unexpectedly can receive assistance with funeral costs through Before Their Time. As part of their mission, they provide financial assistance for funeral expenses, which can be a significant burden at times of grief. To ensure families receive the support they need, they work with local communities and other support services. Check out for more information.

How Does the Churches Help with Funeral Expenses

The church plays a significant role in supporting funeral expenses in difficult times. As an example, here’s how they typically help:

  • Direct funding: Several churches have funds or programs specifically designed to assist families with funeral expenses. The funds can be used for caskets, burial plots, cremation services, and transportation for out-of-town family members. Depending on the church’s resources and the family’s needs, support levels vary.
  • Support and guidance: As part of the funeral planning process, churches provide guidance and support. The church can provide grieving families with discounts or special arrangements from local service providers. In this way, traditional funeral services become less expensive.
  • Providing emotional support: Along with financial assistance, churches offer emotional support to families during this difficult time. To help families cope with a loss, pastors, clergy members, and church members offer comfort, prayers, and a supportive presence.

Eligibility Criteria for Church Funeral Expenses Assistance

To qualify for funeral assistance, low-income families must meet the following criteria:

  • Related Documentation: This documentation is necessary for verifying death and disposition methods (burial or cremation).
  • Legal/Permanent Residency or US Citizenship: A person who is legally recognized as a U.S. citizen can apply based on these criteria.
  • Financial hardship proof: If you have experienced financial difficulties, such as losing your income, losing your primary earning member, or facing eviction or foreclosure, assistance may be needed.
  • Low-income status: A low-income applicant is generally defined as having an income below a specific percentage of the federal poverty level. Assistance is thus ensured to reach economically disadvantaged individuals.

Is It Easy to Find Churches for Funeral Expense Assistance

Getting assistance for funeral expenses from churches can be relatively straightforward if you know where to look. Here are some steps to help you find the help you need:

  • Start locally: Start by contacting churches in your local area. Get in touch with the church office or the outreach coordinator directly.
  • Use online resources: You can find local churches using websites such as FaithStreet or ChurchFinder. Find out if your nearby churches offer funeral assistance programs by visiting their websites or by contacting them.
  • Ask for referrals: A church that does not offer funeral assistance may be able to refer you to another church or organization that does. Local resources may be available through churches that collaborate.
  • Community Services: Consult local non-profits or government agencies for community service opportunities. Often, they have lists of churches and other organizations that can help with funeral expenses and other needs.

Documentation of Funeral Expense Assistance

Having the necessary documents on hand can speed up the process of applying for funeral assistance from a church. There are a few common documents you’ll need to provide, although requirements may vary:

  • Death certificate: It usually includes the deceased’s full name, birth date, death date, and cause of death. It is typically issued by a local government or attending physician.
  • Identification cards: Verify the identities of both yourself and the deceased by providing identification cards.
  • Certificate of marriage (if applicable): Depending on the relationship of the deceased, a death certificate may be required to establish dependencies and legal relationships.
  • Insurance policies: If you have any existing insurance policies that cover funeral costs, please provide them for review.
  • Quotes are itemized: Some churches, funeral homes, and crematoriums can be asked to provide itemized quotations indicating anticipated expenses. By understanding the financial need, the church can plan its assistance appropriately.

Ways to Apply for Funeral Expense Assistance from the Church

During difficult times, seeking assistance from churches can be extremely helpful. To make the application process easier for you, here are three steps:

  • Research: Identify churches in your area that offer funeral assistance. Make a list of potential churches by searching through websites, community bulletin boards, and local directories.
  • Reach out: Make direct contact with the churches on your list to inquire about their funeral expense assistance programs. Give a detailed description of your situation, including the deceased’s name, your relationship with them, and details about funeral arrangements and estimated costs.
  • Apply: Contact the church and follow their application process. In most cases, you’ll need to submit proof of income or financial need, as well as death certificates or medical records, if applicable, along with other documents that demonstrate your eligibility. It’s important to approach the application process with respect and gratitude during these challenging times.

Potential Tax Implications of Receiving Church’s   Funeral Expense Assistance

Being mindful of potential tax implications is vital when navigating grief and seeking financial support from churches. Not only will this help you comply with relevant regulations, but it will also help you appropriately honor your loved one’s memory.

  • Taxable income: In general, funeral expenses paid by the church are not considered taxable income. For compliance with tax laws, it is essential to seek the advice of a tax professional to determine how these funds should be reported.
  • Gift Taxes: Potential gift tax implications could arise if a church provides significant financial support. There are limitations on how much money can be given as a gift without triggering gift taxes.
  • Deductibility: Your charitable contributions that specifically benefit funeral assistance at a church may qualify as tax-deductible contributions. These deductions are subject to certain limitations and requirements, however. Consult with a tax advisor and maintain proper documentation.


Are there specific church programs that help with funeral expenses?

Yes, many churches offer programs to assist with funeral expenses. Different denominations and churches have different resources for these programs. There can be financial assistance, help with funeral planning, or services, such as hosting the funeral or a meal.

Are there tax implications for church-based funeral assistance?

A church-based funeral assistance program’s tax implication will vary depending on the program and its amount. In general, church-based assistance is considered a charitable act and is not taxable. You should consult a tax professional or contact the church directly.

Is there a limit on funeral assistance from a church?

Some churches limit the amount of aid they can provide, while others provide aid on an individual basis. To understand any limitations or guidelines the church has, it’s important to discuss your needs with them.

Are there any other resources available besides churches for funeral expense assistance?

Assistance with funeral costs is available through some state, local, and federal programs. For example, the Social Security program provides a small death benefit in some states.  Several organizations support families facing financial hardship regarding funeral costs, such as the Funeral Consumers Alliance and Final Farewell.

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