Churches That Help With Rent in Winston Salem NC

Discover compassionate assistance in Winston Salem, NC with our comprehensive guide to churches providing rent support. Find immediate help and lasting solutions in your community today!

Churches That Help With Rent in Winston Salem NC isn’t a fairy tale; it’s a lifeline for many. My friend Lisa grew up in Winston-Salem. She struggled to make ends meet as a single mother with two young children. Due to a sudden increase in medical bills, she found herself facing eviction and struggling to pay rent.

Unsure of where to turn, Lisa remembered hearing about local churches’ assistance programs. She set out to find assistance with a glimmer of hope. After visiting St. Peter’s Family Support Program, Lisa found a compassionate community willing to help. Despite limited funding, they helped those in need with emergency rent, moving, and utility assistance.

Today, I am chronicling Lisa’s journey to find a church in Winston Salem, NC, that provided rent assistance. A few churches she encountered along the way included First Baptist Church and St. Peter’s Family Support Program. Throughout this article, I will describe Lisa’s experience seeking help from these churches in her time of need.

7 Best Churches That Help With Rent in Winston-Salem, NC

Through online research, local directories, recommendations from friends and family, and outreach to community organizations, Lisa compiled her list of churches. Also, she used social media platforms and community forums to find out which churches in Winston-Salem provide rent assistance. By using these methods, Lisa was able to compile a comprehensive list of churches that help with rent in Winston-Salem, NC to explore. Those are:

1. Salvation Army

From many churches The Salvation Army provides help to rent assistance to low-income families and individuals in Winston-Salem, NC, and nationwide. Contacting the local Salvation Army office in Winston-Salem is the first step. You can get information about the assistance available, the eligibility criteria, and the application process from them. Click here to apply:  You can also call 336-723-6366 Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

2. United Methodist

The Church at Centenary United Methodist in Winston Salem, NC focuses on meeting basic needs like food and shelter. Individuals needing these services can inquire about food assistance programs, shelter resources, or other basic needs support available through the church. You can reach the church at its main address at 646 W 5th St in Winston Salem, NC 27101, or by phone at (336) 724-6311. Detailed information is available at

3. Moravian Church

Moravian Church in America, Southern Province, particularly Sunnyside Ministry, offers numerous forms of assistance to meet basic needs and address financial challenges. For more information about Sunnyside Ministry’s services, individuals can contact them directly. Applicants can get information about eligibility criteria and the application process from them. You can check out the website here: or you can visit the church at 319 Haled Street, Winston Salem, North Carolina 27127. Get in touch with the church by calling 336-724-7558.

4. Crisis Control Ministries

These charitable organizations can assist with basic needs such as housing, fuel, and rental assistance on an emergency basis. You may contact either of the following locations for assistance: 431 West Bodenheimer Street, Kernersville, NC 27284, phone number 336-996-5401, or 200 East 10th Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101-1512, phone number 336-724-7453. You can find more information at

5. First Baptist Church

As part of its various outreach programs and ministries, First Baptist Church in Winston Salem, NC, may be able to assist individuals and families in need with rent assistance. Typically, you can find contact information on their website or in online directories. Also, you can find contact details by visiting the church. For more information, visit

6. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities in Winston-Salem offers a wide range of services to assist various groups in need, including the poor, single mothers, veterans, and low-income families. It provides essential resources such as free food, clothing, and school items to individuals and families struggling to make ends meet. Here’s the address 1612 14th Street Northeast, Winston-Salem, NC You can also call (336) 727-0705 or go to 27105. You can also visit

7. St. Peter’s Family Support Program

In Winston-Salem, NC, St. Peter’s Family Support Program offers limited emergency rent assistance to individuals and families facing eviction. Maintaining stable housing is possible with this assistance. The program may also offer moving assistance to individuals or families looking to relocate to more affordable housing. It may help them transition out of homelessness. It is located at 3643 Old Lexington Road in Winston-Salem, NC 27107. For information on financial assistance for rent, contact the church at 336-784-1887 or (336) 650-0200 or visit the website

Ways to Find Churches That Help With Rent in Winston-Salem, NC

Finding churches or religious organizations that help with rent assistance in Winston Salem, NC, can be approached through several avenues:

  • Local community resources: Contact your local community center, shelter, or social care agency in Winston-Salem. They have a list of churches and groups that help the less fortunate with housing assistance or other types of support.
  • Online searches: Find out whether Winston-Salem churches offer rental assistance programs. Using keywords such as “church rent assistance Winston Salem” may help you find relevant results.
  • Social Media: Social media platforms such as Facebook offer local community groups and forums. You can post inquiries regarding rent assistance programs offered by Winston-Salem churches or search existing posts.
  • Word of mouth: Look for a church that provides rent assistance in Winston-Salem by asking friends, neighbors, or coworkers. Personal referrals can sometimes lead to valuable information.
  • Church visits: Ask church staff or volunteers about assistance programs at services or events in your area. Alternatively, they can refer you to someone who can assist you.

FAQs on Churches That Help With Rent in Winston Salem NC

How much rent does the church help in Winston Salem?

Some churches in Winston-Salem offer rent assistance, while others do not. Depending on the situation, some churches may provide full rent payment assistance, while others may only offer partial assistance.

Are there any eligibility requirements for renting from the church?

Some churches require candidates to demonstrate financial need or meet certain income thresholds. Some churches require proof of Winston-Salem residency to ensure that help goes to the locals.

What types of rent programs are offered by churches in Winston-Salem?

Churches in Winston-Salem may offer different types of rent assistance programs according to their resources and congregational needs. They can assist people facing immediate eviction, long-term financial hardship, and those rebuilding their lives. Besides food and utility payments, some churches help with other things.

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