Churches That Help With Travel Near Me

Struggling to afford your dream trip? Discover amazing churches near you offering travel assistance, grants & resources to make your journey a reality!

Visiting new places or exploring a new country always fascinates me. Although I am a frequent traveler, last year I was struggling to travel anywhere due to my financial challenges. It was tough for me to afford the costs associated with it. Upon hearing about my situation, a childhood friend suggested seeking help from churches in my area that provide travel assistance. To find a church like that near me, I conducted some research, and I finally discovered one that provides travel assistance.

Rather than just being a church, it felt like a welcoming community. I want to share my experiences today and help new travelers who, like me, face financial challenges. This article will provide you with advice and guidance on how to fund your journey through the support of your local church.

How Do I Find Churches That Help With Travel Near Me

I’ve already mentioned that I’ve researched some ways to find local welcoming churches for travel assistance. As a result of my research, I found some ways to find churches near you that assist with travel expenses. To locate supportive local churches during an unforeseen situation or when planning a trip, follow the steps below.

  • Check Church Websites: I always trust the dedicated website when I need to search for anything. Find out more about your local churches by visiting their websites. As part of their community outreach, several churches offer travel assistance. The church website also assures you whether or not travel assistance is available.
  • Google Search: The most authentic search engine you can trust blindly. Start your search on Google by typing in “church travel assistance” and your city or region. To find out more about nearby churches, you can use this map.
  • Checking social media: It helped me a lot to find a local church near me by utilizing social media. You can find information about local community groups on social media. You can find churches that help travelers in this way.
  • Visit your nearby church directly: Consider your nearby churches when seeking assistance. A lesser-known local church can sometimes provide valuable assistance. Ask about travel programs at nearby churches during services or events. Direct communication with the community can make a big difference.
  • Volunteering: Identify volunteer organizations or charities that work with churches to assist travelers.  Check local listings for volunteer opportunities as well.
  • Ask Family and friends: Family and friends are likely to be able to offer quick and helpful solutions. I put them at the top of my priority list since they can assist easily. Earlier, I mentioned that a friend suggested I seek help from a church, emphasizing the importance of exploring all options.

Lists of Churches That Help With Travel Near Me

I’ve narrowed the list to a few specific churches based on my research. Check if any of these are available in your area. Not all churches indeed provide help with travel, but many do. Churches offer a wide range of services, so travel assistance will likely be available.

The United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church collaborates with other local churches to provide travel assistance to the homeless. Additionally, the United Methodist Church runs a program called “Justice Travel” that provides travel assistance for people and groups participating in justice-related events. Visit to get help from the United Methodist Church.

Episcopal Church

Episcopal outreach programs help those in need in addition to worship and advocacy efforts. Those facing financial constraints may be able to receive assistance from the Episcopal Church. Travel assistance is available through the church’s “Young Adult Service Corps.”

Through this program, young adults can serve abroad by participating in mission work. The link to their website is

Southern Baptists Convention (SBC)

Southern Baptists are known for their unwavering devotion to evangelism and missions. The SBC’s disaster relief program may allow volunteers to travel to disaster-affected areas. It provides volunteers with travel expenses such as flights, bus or train tickets, and lodging, so they can reach their destinations and effectively provide relief. Check out their service at ““.

Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offers a travel assistance program called “Humanitarian Aid and Welfare Services.”

Participants in this program may receive reimbursements for travel expenses, including flights, bus or train tickets, and lodging. By contributing to relief work while traveling, travelers reduce their financial obligations. To find a church location near you, visit

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army administers the Pathway of Hope program, which provides case management and support services to people and families who are homeless. The program assists with housing, employment, education, and travel. For your local Salvation Army location, visit or you can call at (240) 505-4255 or (202) 878-9735.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

One of America’s largest charities, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, assists people who feel unsafe while traveling. Their program provides support for financially affected individuals, especially struggling travelers. To get travel assistance, visit

Traveler’s Aid

Traveler’s Aid societies assist travelers, regardless of religious beliefs. Besides aiding stranded travelers, they also provide shelter for transitional homeless individuals. The services are usually available at points of safety such as piers and train stations. For more information about their location, go to their website:

The Presbyterian Church (USA)

A variety of resources and programs are available through the Presbyterian Church (USA) to assist with mission trips, including grants, training, and support. The Presbyterian Church (USA) does not directly provide travel assistance. However, various mission programs often include travel. To learn more, visit ““.

Other Organizations That Help With Travel Near Me

Indeed, a church isn’t always the only solution when it comes to travel assistance. It is important to explore other organizations that offer similar support. In some cases, these organizations help that goes beyond expectations. Having such options can contribute to a comprehensive network of support for people in need, so don’t overlook them.

Eligibility to Get Help With Travel From Church

When seeking church help with traveling, you must know the eligibility criteria. The requirements for membership can vary from church to church, but the following factors are typically considered:

  • Financial Needs: A financial hardship or inability to pay for travel expenses is evidence of financial hardship. A pay stub, bank statement, or other relevant financial document can prove this.
  • In case of an emergency or crisis: Having specific circumstances requiring travel assistance, such as an emergency or crisis. An example of one of these is a natural disaster, a political instability, a medical emergency, or a security threat.
  • Active church participation: Showing a commitment to the church’s mission or being an active member will be beneficial. The church will always prioritize active members when it offers assistance.
  • Travel purpose: Provide a clear explanation of the purpose of the travel and how it aligns with the church’s values and assistance programs. Make sure they know how passionate you are about traveling.

Types of Travel Help From Church

Churches can help individuals in different stages of their travel journey by providing various aspects of travel assistance. A church can help with travel in the following ways:

  • Travel expenditures: The church might organize travel expenditures, affordable transportation options, and travel assistance programs.
  • Support for transitional housing: A church may be able to offer temporary housing support, providing a safe and transitional space for individuals and families.
  • Uses of public transit: Several churches assist individuals in navigating and accessing public transportation services.
  • Ridesharing: Several churches offer ride-sharing programs or partnerships to link individuals in need of transportation with volunteers or community members who are willing to help out.

Applying Process for Help With Travel From Church

Depending on the church, the application process may vary, so be sure to communicate directly with the church office. You can apply for travel assistance from a church by following these steps:

  • Contact the church: To inquire about available travel assistance programs, contact the church directly through their office, phone number, or website.
  • Identify Eligibility: Make sure you meet the church’s eligibility criteria for travel assistance.
  • Providing the necessary information: Describe your financial situation, the purpose of your travel, and any other relevant information the church may require.
  • Apply: Complete all required details and documentation on a church’s specific application form.
  • Meet or interview and receive approval: It may be necessary for some churches to schedule an in-person or virtual meeting to discuss your needs in more detail. Attend your scheduled interview or meeting, and if you are qualified, you will receive approval soon.


How long does it take to get travel help from the churches near me?

Getting approval for travel help from churches near you varies and depends on church policies and procedures. Usually, it takes between 1 week and 2 weeks.

Can these programs last for a long time?

Depending on the specific policies and resources of the church, the duration of travel assistance programs varies.

Are there any fees required while applying for help with travel from church?

Church policies determine whether fees are charged during travel assistance applications. Most churches don’t charge anything.

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